Software freedom day: 16 September 2006

2006 Photos

  • Worldwide: Check out the teams participating worldwide in Software Freedom Day events!
  • The Australian government has agreed to import the US DMCA laws into Australia.Wired: U.S. Exports DMCA Down Under
  • Linux Australia has information about what is at risk from the DMCA equivallent in Australia. The LinuxAU petition asks to restrict the DMCA to only copyright infringing purposes. Without this constraint the new laws can compromise innovation and open source integration. Please add your name!
  • Australia: Information collected about the incoming Digital Millenium Copyright Act and its equivallents overseas.
  • Use information here as a starting point to ask your own questions about digital access rights and software freedom in Australia. Quiz on DMCA and its risk to Australian culture and economy. dmcaquiz.pdf 82KB
  • Free Culture and Free Software Case Studies
  • A story about Cory Doctorow's Creative Commons fiction in action. (PDF)
  • Stroke rehabilitation made possible by using Linux on XBox(PDF)

Resources for SA Software Freedom Day events

  • Southern Vales: Here is a flyer (PDF SVG) developed for the Southern Vales Linux User Group event at the Hallet Cove Church.
  • Dale from Southern Vales LUG has developed some great SFD nametag designs(SVG PDF) designs.
  • Mawsonlakes: Here is a flyer (PDF SVG) developed for the Mawson Lakes Software Freedom Showcase
  • AirStream Flyer(SVG PDF)
  • Bettong Flyer(SVG PDF)
  • ITShare Flyer(SVG PDF)
  • LinuxChix Flyer(SVG PDF)
  • SFD OpenCD label(SVG in OpenCD.tar.gz PDF PNG)
  • SFD Stickers to suit Avery Labels J18160(SVG PDF)
    To make your own labels: Make a shape in inkscape. Save as SVG. Export a bitmap. Place the image in an Open Office Writer Document using the label flavour you want. Save as a PDF.
  • A4 Poster: Freedom v DRM(SVG PDF)
  • A4 Poster: We make Freedom(SVG PDF)
  • A5 Poster: We make Freedom AND Freedom v DRM(SVG PDF)

lucychili(can be emailed at)

Some banners for linking to the LinuxAU Petition:

Beware digital rights traps

Beware digital rights traps